Victor Evatt: Producer

Victor has had the privilege to work in collaboration with the First Nations People of Australia over many years. He holds degrees in Early Childhood Education, Infant Mental Health and Music. He has worked directly as a teacher to advocate for equality in Indigenous Early Childhood Education. Victor has also coordinated community-driven arts-based initiatives with BIGhART and Beyond Empathy. He was the Executive Producer of Imogen Thomas’ short film Mixed Bag. Emu Runner is Victor’s first feature credit as a producer. Additionally, Victor brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in music and as an opera singer and has overseen the musical components of Emu Runner.

Frayne Barker: Aboriginal Script Consultant

Frayne is a Ngemba Aboriginal woman from the northwestern New South Wales community of Brewarrina. She comes from a large family and has lived and worked in her community for the majority of her life. In her early teenage years Frayne recognised the importance education played in shaping the lives and future of

her people and this set her on a course to pursue an Early Childhood Teaching degree at Macquarie University. After completing her studies in 1997, Frayne returned to Brewarrina, where she took up the director position at Gainmara Birrilee Pre-school, which is a learning environment dedicated to Aboriginal children.

To this day she continues to run the pre-school as well as being actively involved in local community groups that foster support for the Aboriginal community. Frayne is a member of the Aboriginal Early Childhood Support and Learning Organisation.

Frayne has a strong interest in film and has acted as a consultant to Imogen Thomas on her film scripts Mixed Bag and Emu Runner.

Antonia Barnard: Producer

Antonia has been producing and line producing feature films and television since the mid-1980’s. Her award-winning career spans children’s television, film financing and feature film production. Her feature films include Welcome to Woop Woop directed by Stephan Elliott; Bootmen directed by Dean Perry and The Quiet American directed by Phillip Noyce. Antonia also produced the award-winning short film Two Bob Mermaid with the Indigenous director Darlene Johnson.

In 2006 she co-produced The Painted Veil, starring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton directed by John Curran for the Yari Film Group. In 2007, Antonia was Executive Producer for the ABC Television series Rain Shadow, starring Rachel Ward. The same year she took up the role as the Producer Offset Manager for the Film Finance Corporation. Other producing achievements of Antonia’s are Last Ride with Nicholas Cole, the debut feature of director Glendyn Ivin, starring Hugo Weaving; Burning Man directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, starring Matthew Goode; and, again working with Stephan Elliot, A Few Best Men. In 2012 Antonia, produced the ABC Television series Devil’s Dust. She continues to produce films of distinction, including Tracks, Truth and Backtrack.

John Fink: Producer

John Fink is a restaurateur, a writer and a filmmaker. As Creative Director of the Fink Group, John runs the family restaurant business with his father, long-time restaurateur, theatre-owner and hotelier Leon Fink. The Fink Group owns and operates Quay Restaurant, Otto Ristorante and Bennelong at Sydney Opera House, and is a joint partner in three other restaurants. John also works in his “spare time” on his personal slate of scripts and films, a passion/talent he undoubtedly inherited from his mother, the prominent Australian film producer Margaret Fink. His films have appeared in international film festivals including Melbourne International Film Festival, American Film Institute, Flickerfest, and Sundance.

Mary Waites: Indigenous Community Liaison & Performer

Mary Waites is a proud Ngemba First Nations woman. Mary grew up, and has lived in the north-west NSW community of Brewarrina all her life. Mary has had a working relationship with Imogen Thomas since 2007 when Mary played a small role in the short film Mixed Bag. In Emu Runner, Mary plays the role of Daphne, Gem’s grandmother. (She is Rhae-Kye Waites’ grandmother in real life too.) Mary has also had a pivotal role as Emu Runner’s community liaison during the pre-production, production and post-production periods. Mary’s commitment to Emu Runner has been intrinsic to the culture of the project in its relationship to and with the community of Brewarrina. Between 2016 and 2017 Mary was the coordinator of the Brewarrina Literacy Campaign and the star of a major documentary, In My Own Words. The film follows Mary’s journey helping a group of adult First Nations people who are learning to read and write for the first time.

Gabriel Barber Shipton: Associate Producer

Gabriel has had a fascination for the cinema since childhood. Over the past 10 years he has carved out a career in the film industry in the area of film accountancy. His experience is diverse, from low-budget film productions to larger studio pictures that have been produced in Australia, including Happy Feet, Happy Feet Two, Oyster Farmer and Redhill. In 2012 Gabriel worked on I Frankenstein and Fury Road in Namibia. In the past few years he has worked on productions such as Prey, Lion and more recently Peter Rabbit. These productions have given him a unique insight into all facets of the film production process and have provided him with a solid foundation to transition into producing. Emu Runner is Gabriel’s first foray into producing.

Michael Gibbs: Cinematographer

Emu Runner is Michael’s first feature film in the role as cinematographer.

Starting out in film at a very young age, under the tutelage of his film-making family,

Michael has worked in a diverse array of roles within the camera department on a multitude of films, TV and commercial productions. Training under luminary Australian cinematographers, his extensive work as a professional camera assistant over the past 18 years has enabled him to hone his cinematic skills on distinguished films productions such as Happy Feet, The Killer Elite, I Frankenstein and Candy. In this capacity, he has also worked in the Australian television industry on series such as Offspring, Rush and Neighbours, as well as on numerous commercials. He has shot television, commercials, music videos and documentaries, including most recently the pilot for Full Pull, an episodic documentary on the sport of tractor pulling. He is a true Swiss Army knife of a film-maker. Michael currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and two young boys.

Lissa Coote: Art Director

Lissa Coote’s work as a production designer has been prodigious. Her work has received much acclaim. In 1978 she won an Australian Film Institute award for best production design for Newsfront, directed by Phillip Noyce. She also received AFI nominations for her design work in F.J. Holden, directed by Michael Thornhill, and Fatty Finn, directed by Maurice Murphy. Lissa enjoyed a strong creative collaboration with director Stephen MacLean on Around the World in 80 Ways as the production designer and on Starstuck as the decorator. In conjunction with her extensive body of film work, Lissa has also worked as a decorator in television; some of her credits include the Kennedy-Miller mini-series Bodyline and Dirtwater Dynasty, as well as the mini-series The Last Bastion, written by David Williamson, and The Last Frontier, starring Linda Evans and Jack Thompson.

Tiffany Daro: Costume

Tiffany spends much of her time in her small shop where she gets to play with beautiful things and dress up her windows making little installations to satisfy her creative urges. She has always held an interest in craft and making beautiful things and jumps at any opportunity to work on other projects to ultimately bring more joy and art into the world. Tiffany has worked in costume on two of Imogen Thomas’s films. Tiffany lives in Bellingen NSW with her two daughters.

Jenny Hicks: Editor

Jenny Hicks is a Sydney-based writer and film editor. She has been working in the international film and television industry, predominantly in the cutting room, for more than 30 years.  Jenny worked as an assistant editor on TV series and films such as Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart for director David Lynch, all three Matrix films for the Wachowskis, The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond for Ed Zwick and The Thin Red Line for Terrence Malick. Moving to Cape Town, South Africa in 2007 she started editing long-form documentaries, television drama and feature films, including One Last Look for director Philip Roberts, and Darrel Roodt’s Winnie Mandela. Returning to Sydney in 2013 she continued editing, including the feature film Out of The Shadows for director Dee McLachlan and two TV documentary series, Ice Wars and The House, for the ABC. Jenny is also an accomplished writer, publishing her first non-fiction book on the history of Australian rodeo in 2000. Her first feature film script, Butterflies, was nominated for the AWG Monte Miller Award 2015.

Nicole Norelli: Editor

Nicole Norelli is a screen editor based in Sydney, Australia. Able to conceptualise from pre to post, from a photographic and production background, Nicole began her career as a storyteller studying Film and TV and Photomedia, in Perth, Western Australia, spending her lunch breaks and waking hours creating magic in the studio, darkroom and editing suite. In 2014 she drove across the vast Australian outback with her partner and ‘Puss’ the cat and has never looked back. In 2017 Nicole undertook postgraduate studies in Screen Editing at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney, fulfilling a lifelong dream. As an Australian screen editor she facilitates the cinematic brush strokes of narrative storytelling.

Tom Heuzenroeder: Sound Designer

Tom has worked as a sound designer and mixer for film and television, both in Australia and abroad, since 1995. In 2006, he received an AFI award for his sound design work on Ten Canoes, directed by Rolf de Heer. He has also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Glass: A Portrait of Philip In Twelve Parts, directed by Scott Hicks, and has recently worked with a facility in Wales, editing sound for Doctor Who. He has also worked on many critically acclaimed films, such as Girl Asleep and Ali’s Wedding.

Ben Fink: Composer

An integral member of the Australian music scene for over 25 years, Ben has toured, recorded and composed with acts such as The Whitlams, Lior, Christa Hughes, iOTA, Lily Dior, Miriam Lieberman, Waiting for Guinness, The Stiff Gins, Voices from the Vacant Lot and King Clam, co-writing The Whitlams single “Best Work”, Lior’s indie hit “I’ll Forget You” and Lily Dior’s “Love is like a River”. Ben has worked as composer, musical director, guitarist, singer and performer with the likes of the Sydney Theatre Company, National Theatre of Parramatta, Stalker Theatre, Belvoir St Theatre, Hayes Theatre, ABC Radio, Live Ideas (Hidden Sydney) and The Performance Space. Ben has composed and performed music for film, television, radio and theatre, including for Khyentse Norbu’s feature film Travellers and Magicians, and the multi-national collaborative outdoor art installation Nomanslanding with Turpin + Crawford Studio. Ben runs a successful private practice as a vocal coach and vocal technique instructor.

Peter Davison: Composer

As a composer, arranger, orchestrator and conductor, Peter is a hugely versatile composer, using a wide range of techniques, from traditional orchestra to modern sound design creating a unique sonic space. As a performer, he conducts professionally across Europe, and as a composer he writes for all forms of media: including TV, film, games and commercials. Peter is the composer for stop-motion animation feature Strike. He is the composer attached to Pebble Beach Screen Partners’ feature musical Champagne Chandra. In 2017 and 2018 Peter worked as orchestrator and conductor on the multi-award-winning score, Horizon Zero Dawn. In 2017 Peter conducted the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s new ensemble 10/10, also arranging/orchestrating the 1960’s seminal album by Roger McGough and Andy Roberts, Summer with Monika. Peter also conducted the City of Prague Philharmonic, orchestrating Animortal’s stop-motion animation Chuck Steel, Night of the Trampires. In 2016 Peter composed the additional score for the award-winning feature documentary Something Quite Peculiar, about The Church’s front man Steve Kilbey.

Glenn Skuthorpe: Singer/Songwriter

With five highly-regarded albums and music featured in documentaries such as John Pilger’s Utopia, Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari man and international touring singer-songwriter Glenn Skuthorpe is a masterful lyricist and composer who gives voice to those whose stories must be heard. Following best album nominations and a string of highly successful tours (Byron Bay Blues Fest, Woodford, Cygnet and Calgary Folk Festivals), Glenn released his sixth album, Out On My Own, in June 2018 before touring Canada in August 2018.

James Boney: Singer/Songwriter

James Boney is a Muruwari man. He was born in Brewarrina and raised in Goodooga, a neighbouring country town in north western NSW. His first introduction to music was through his father, who played the guitar.  From listening and watching his father, James’ passion for music was ignited and this was further developed and encouraged at his local school. James co-wrote the song “Justice Will Be Done” with Leslie Shillingsworth, which was part of the Building Bridges album. The song also featured on the feature film Deadly. James continues to follow his passion to tell stories through writing songs and singing, drawing from his life experience and his culture.

Eugenie Puskarz Thomas: Cellist

Eugenie Puskarz Thomas is a young emerging cellist from Brisbane, Australia. She made her solo orchestral debut at 17 with the Second Queensland Youth Symphony and is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University under the tutelage of Meta Weiss. She counts among her mentors Kejia Wang, Patrick Murphy, Teije Hylkema and Shannon Tobin. Eugenie has been a member of the Queensland Youth Orchestra’s Organisation for over seven years and during that time has held four principle positions. Highlights of Eugenie’s career include performances in locations such as Parliament House, touring with Tina Arena and James Morrison as well as performing with Opera Australia in their 2017 production of Aida on the Gold Coast under the baton of Tahu Matheson.