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“Outback Isolation Springs To Life”

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Emu Runner Review: An Aboriginal Girl’s Avian Friendship
Variety by Eddie Cockrell, June 15 2019

Family and identity at the heart of Emu Runner
– The Age by Stephanie Bunbury, August 14 2019

Toronto International Film Festival Share Her Journey: meet Imogen Thomas the director of Emu Runner. Interview by Robyn Citizen.

Podcast Interview:
Imogen Thomas and David Peck talk about her new film Emu Runner, social realism, loss and grief, challenging stereotypes, intergenerational trauma, taking more time for others and indigenous rights and cultures in Australia.


High calibre acting chops Rhae-Kye Waites… a powerful yet understated performance in the lead role.
-Alexandra Heller- Nicholas, Flicks 21 Sept 2018

Although Thomas is credited as the director, she is quick to give full credit to the Brewarrina community for the making of Emu Runner and there is both an undeniable beauty and authenticity that comes from hearing their voice directly as a largely nonprofessional cast breaths life into the film.
-Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest 19 Sept 2018

Emu Runner, directed by Imogen Thomas with the Brewarrina community in north western New South Wales, dealt charmingly with a child’s bereavement.
-Stephanie Bunbury, Sydney Morning Herald 18 Sept 2018

Emu Runner is an uplifting tale of communal solidarity in the face of personal, yet political charged, hardship.
-Gillie Collins, The Seventh Row 16 Sept 2018

Writer-Director Imogen Thomas’s film is shot with care and is rich with Indigenous lore and magical elements.
-Linda Barnard, Toronto Star 1 Sept 2018

Emu Runner is good family entertainment, which also has something meaningful to say.
-Trevor Hogg, Live For Film 8 Sept 2018