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Jane Schoettle’s International Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival

“The film is so beautifully made – deceptively simple and yet with so many resonant layers of meaning. The photography is beautiful, and the script is spare, making every word meaningful. While all of the cast is compelling, Rhae-Kye Waites as Gem is amazing – I’ve not been able to get her performance out of my mind (not that I’d want to-!) – she has an onscreen charisma that is rare. Many of the images from the film have stayed with me and I know this will be especially true for all audiences, but perhaps even more for our significant Indigenous audience. Having recently lost an older female family member, the film really moved me on many levels.”

Adelaide Film Festival CEO and Artistic Director Amanda Duthie

“Emu Runner is an incredibly special and multi-layered film. At its surface it is a heartwarming and gentle family film with the infectiously charming new young talent in Rhae-Kye Waites, while providing an insightful commentary on contemporary Australia and the disconnect between the hearts of community and the impassionate mechanics of bureaucracy.”